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About Inte Jobba Dumt

The name of this website is taken from an interview with a waiter. The quote illustrates a wish for working conditions that allow for workers to do their work in a safe and efficient manner, in a workplace where all crew members’ skills and professionalism are utilized.

About us

Cecilia and Magnus are researchers at Kalmar Maritime Academy. We study the conditions of the international maritime industry, the daily activities performed on board, and how it affects the occupational safety, health and well-being of seafarers. We have both worked at sea, Cecilia as a marine engineer and Magnus as master mariner.

Cecilia Österman

PhD, Safety engineer
Senior lecturer and work environment researcher at Kalmar Maritime Academy, Linnaeus University

Magnus Boström

PhD, Master mariner
Senior lecturer and communication researcher at Kalmar Maritime Academy, Linnaeus University

Contact us

If you want to know more about our projects and what we have going on, you are welcome to contact us!
cecilia.osterman(a)lnu.se or magnus.bostrom(a)lnu.se

Would you like to know about our projects?

We want our research to be used. You are welcome to read about and make use of the material we have produced!